Planning Services

Have a seat, and let’s see where you stand.

To build an investment strategy around your expectations, we have to understand your unique situation: your goals, risk profile, timeline and tax implications. To do that, we’ll sit down and look at things from a number of angles.

Financial Planning

Your entire financial picture should inform and inspire your individual investment strategy. We bring it into focus.

Estate Planning

We can help protect your family’s wealth now—and for generations to come.

Fiduciary Services

Chevy Chase Trust manages and administers trusts and estates—either as the trustee, executor or as agent for the designated fiduciary.

Family Wealth Services

For multi-generational families and individuals with complex financial and business situations, our investment and fiduciary team performs as a primary point of contact and facilitator, and collaborates with your advisors on all aspects of your financial picture.




Our story begins with yours.

Everything we do starts with a conversation. Understanding your unique story is key in the development of a plan with your best interests in mind. Connect with us to learn more.




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