Financial Planning

Better decisions made easier.

Your investment strategy can’t be designed in a vacuum. That’s why we guide each client through a comprehensive financial analysis and offer a detailed financial plan. What we discover together not only drives asset allocation but also informs decisions about every facet of your financial life—from college and retirement savings to charitable giving, estate planning and beyond. Together, we’ll simplify the complex—and clear a path to results.


Phase 1: Discovery and Consultation

The more we know, the more we can help. From legal documents to asset statements— including assets outside of our supervision—we’ll present a detailed picture of your financial situation.

  • Prepare balance sheet of assets and liabilities
  • Review current and expected income and expenses
  • Gather and analyze insurance information


Phase 2: Assessment and Development

Information leads to insight—and to action. With a clear overview of your financial position—and an intimate understanding of your goals and objectives—we can chart a course for an informed investment strategy.

  • Address immediate and long-term financial requirements
  • Integrate existing compensation and retirement plans with investments
  • Account for tax implications of strategic planning
  • Provide cash flow and wealth projections
  • Offer recommendations based on findings


Phase 3: Asset Allocation

By understanding your unique situation, we can structure a portfolio that balances your long-term goals with your day-to-day needs. It’s a common sense approach to investing.

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  • Create a personalized portfolio that reflects your stated objectives and
    our recommended plan
  • Select individual stocks, bonds and other investments based on specific goals
  • Mitigate risk organically through careful research, planning and allocation


Phase 4: Estate Planning

It’s one thing to be confident in a financial plan and an asset allocation strategy. At Chevy Chase Trust, real confidence comes in knowing that every detail—and the implications on your estate—have been carefully considered.

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