Investment Management

First and foremost, Chevy Chase Trust
is an investment management firm.

Everything we do is designed to pursue the potential in your investment portfolio. It requires a level of dedication—and even a philosophy—you simply won’t find in a conventional money management firm.

It also requires focus. It means we act as a fiduciary in the context of an individualized investment strategy. And to that end, we also recommend a comprehensive financial plan that informs asset allocation and other key decisions.

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By investing in themes rather than managing to benchmarks, we often see surprising results. Our strategy is founded on:

  • Long-term, secular, macroeconomic focus
  • Global, multi-cap stocks
  • Rigorous individual company analyses

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Fixed Income

A good fixed income strategy preserves principal and outpaces inflation. But a conservative fixed income plan doesn’t have to be uninspired. Our approach finds answers that other firms can’t or won’t.

Risk Management

Risk is a concept, not a number. It’s a big difference—with even bigger implications.
Chevy Chase Trust will:

  • Explore and understand your unique situation
  • Actively manage your asset allocation
  • Work one-on-one and design a strategy for you
  • Stay accessible and informed at all times