Fiduciary Services

Your legacy begins with trust.

In our role as executor or trustee, we supervise virtually every type of asset and the kind of relationships that have become rare. We only work with individuals and families we know. And we get to know every client and beneficiary. In other words, it’s about building trust.

Ours is not a business of transactions or milestones. Our clients see us as a continuum—an ongoing relationship—where investment management and fiduciary services play a role today and create a legacy for generations to come. That’s why we’ve committed an impressive number of people—all in the same location—to manage estates and trusts, and (most of all) to serve clients.

Chevy Chase Trust will:

  • Oversee virtually every type of asset—from traditional equity and fixed-income securities to farms and operating businesses
  • Respond to the beneficiary and family dynamics that are unique to each estate and trust
  • Remain present for clients and beneficiaries
  • Commit people and resources to building relationships
  • Exercise discretion in an objective and thoughtful way
  • Create a remarkable service experience