Is your investment portfolio reaching its full potential?

Can your financial adviser name his top 5 investment ideas? Probably not.

Most portfolio managers allow other people to make decisions for their clients. That’s not the case at Chevy Chase Trust. Our portfolio managers and research analysts meet weekly to examine and interpret economic data that is shaping the global economy. The result? An investment think tank of professionals who have the freedom to investigate great ideas long before they reach the front page of the newspaper.

Our thematic investing approach seeks investable ideas that emerge from technological or economic changes powerful enough to influence corporate performance across multiple industries.

How it Works:

  • Study the global economy
  • Identify long-term secular trends
  • Invest across geographies, sectors, and market capitalizations
  • Limit risk through research, planning and customized asset allocation

Why it Works:

  • Capitalizes on trends—when valuations are attractive
  • Uses a macro view to prevent overreaction to market volatility
  • Looks beyond the limitations of style, geography, and benchmarks
  • Creates diversified portfolios that can outperform in many different environments

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