Investing in and for women

Sometimes, it’s just more comfortable to talk woman to woman.

It’s no secret that the financial industry has a low representation of women. But at Chevy Chase Trust, we have wealth management teams comprised entirely of women who have the knowledge, expertise and dedication to help clients achieve their financial goals. Experience the power of thoughtful, personalized investment and financial management – and see the difference trust can make.

An Uncommon Experience:

Wealth Management Team

Amy BonhamAmy Bonham
Leah M. Byrne, CFP®Leah M. Byrne, CFP®
Donna M. FooDonna M. Foo
Susan Freed, CFP®Susan Freed, CFP®
Deborah G. GandyDeborah G. Gandy
Laly Kassa, CFP®Laly Kassa, CFP®
Paula A. Landau, CFPPaula A. Landau, CFP
Marny McCainMarny McCain
Erin L. Mikulak-RaimundoErin L. Mikulak-Raimundo
Stacy MurchisonStacy C. Murchison
Jeanette RoeggeJeannette Owen Roegge
Lisa SaundersLisa R. Saunders
Leslie K. Smith
Christine WallaceChristine Wallace
Hsuan WangHsuan Wang

Our story begins with yours.

Everything we do starts with a conversation. Understanding your unique story is key in the development of a plan with your best interests in mind. Connect with us to learn more.


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