A Differentiated Process

A different and proven
investment approach:

  • A flexible mandate. Freedom from benchmarking and an unconstrained investment universe are in an investor’s best interest. Traditional research often fails to uncover the breadth of investment possibilities inherent in a major trend due to industry, asset class, market capitalization, or geographic limitations.
  • A long-term focus on secular shifts. Traditional frameworks structured around benchmarks suffer from a short-term focus on quarterly returns relative to indices, working against a long-term investor’s greatest advantage, time.
  • High active share. Portfolio differentiation is a byproduct of thematic investing because thematic portfolio construction is untethered from standard indices and index construction.
  • Concentrated portfolios of high conviction investments. A best ideas portfolio avoids over-diversifications and passive returns for managed fees.
  • Global diversification. Thematic portfolios pursue investment ideas without geographic limitations.
  • A forward-looking view. Markets tend to overreact to daily events, overemphasize present data, and underestimate (and undervalue) the impact of longer-term structural changes.