Investment Philosophy

Investing in concepts, not conventions.

The world is increasingly an integrated global market in which the relevance of country of domicile and geographic boundaries diminishes. No company or economy should be viewed in isolation. Successful investment strategies benefit from global context and a long-term, unconstrained perspective.

Traditional investment frameworks structured around benchmarks often have limited success. Short-term focus on quarterly returns relative to indices works against one of an investor’s greatest advantages, a long-term investment horizon. The very nature of a process built around benchmarks is by definition backward-looking and fails to incorporate emerging trends and forward-looking perspectives.

In contrast, a thematic investment approach seeks to capture across asset classes and around the world opportunities created by major secular trends. Very few themes are constrained to one industry or one geographic region which is why traditional research often fails to uncover the breadth of investment possibilities inherent in major trends.

Global Thematic Focused Equity is a concentrated best ideas strategy that uses proprietary research on secular themes as the framework for idea generation and portfolio construction.