Family Wealth Services

We perform like a family office—and deliver as a team.

For individuals or multi-generational families of significant wealth, our service extends beyond our investment and fiduciary expertise into every facet of financial life. Your situation is complex, and your story—completely unique. So with a careful and thoughtful approach, we provide an overlay of services and capabilities and consult with your existing advisors to ensure a well-coordinated, personalized plan.

Chevy Chase Trust will:

  • Oversee and manage customized portfolios and specialty investments
  • Utilize in-depth balance sheets, cash flow and estate planning analyses to better inform investment decisions
  • Consult on corporate executive compensation, philanthropic planning and next-generation financial education
  • Facilitate family meetings to consider legacy, business ownership and management transitions
  • Assemble professional providers with specific expertise in accounting and tax advice, risk management, real estate and banking
  • Consult with your advisors to deliver a well-executed plan




Our story begins with yours.

Everything we do starts with a conversation. Understanding your unique story is key in the development of a plan with your best interests in mind. Connect with us to learn more.




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