Pursuing Potential

Some firms claim independence.
Few truly are.

Chevy Chase Trust is privately owned and operated by the B.F. Saul family. This alone does not make the business unique. It’s an independent structure—combined with an independent mindset—that works to your ultimate advantage.

Independence = Freedom

Chevy Chase Trust is not subject to pressure from outside or inside shareholders. This allows:

  • Freedom to put clients first
  • Freedom from the constraints of institutionalized money management
  • Freedom from concern over quarterly profits
  • Freedom to think long-term
  • Freedom from bureaucracy
  • Freedom to focus on a single business line
  • Freedom to attract talented professionals
  • Freedom to perpetuate our unique culture

A Culture of Re-investment

Because Chevy Chase Trust is privately owned and financially secure:

  • We can invest in expertise and client service
  • We can invest in acquiring and retaining the best people
  • We can invest in our communities