911 and DR Test

Employee Emergency Information

In the event of an emergency, important information will be posted here regarding business operations, contact information, and possible office relocation.

During severe or catastrophic weather conditions (tornadoes, severe ice storms, blizzards, government mandated brown-outs), the decision to remain open, partially open or closed rests with Executive Management only. Those employees who do not come to work will be required to take either personal leave or vacation leave.

BF Saul Company Portal (internal access only): http://bfsportal.bfsaul.com

Corporate Email Access: https://cctmail.chevychasetrust.com/owa

To access a Remote Desktop session, click on the link below. After clicking on the link you should see a page with application icons, or you might receive a message that ActiveX is not available. If you receive the ActiveX message, then you should make this a Trusted site by doing the following:

Click on Tools and select Internet Options.
Click the Security Tab, and then click on the Trusted sites icon,
and then click the Sites button. The address should auto fill.
Click the Add button, and deselect the box to require server verification, and close.
Close out of the IE Options dialog box and refresh your screen.

Remote Desktop Access: https://remote.chevychasetrust.com/rdweb

If you have problems connecting remotely, you can also call the IT Help Desk at 240-223-3333 for assistance.


Forwarding your phone:

From a Remote Desktop session, you can forward your phone by following these instrustions: Forwarding Your Phone


Disaster Recovery Test

Disaster Recovery Test Site Login: https://www.ts.chevychasetrust.com/rdweb

If you are using a MAC or have a connection issue, then use our webclient:

When logging into the site, use your network username and password:


Click on the Remote Desktop 2012 Server icon to start your remote session:

When prompted, click Connect to initiate the remote connection, and the Yes to approve the site certificate.

Call me if you have any issues accessing the site or logging in at  (240) 497-5067 or email [email protected].